Out of pocket

sunflower redwing
I have not written here in a long time. I was in the hospital for 3 days last week because I had some neurological symptoms getting checked out. Namely, I had a seizure in the drive-thru at the Taco Bell. It sounds like an episode of some weird HBO series. I had been to the ER and they sent me home with a bad headache that they said was a migraine or bad sinus infection. Tami took me home and went through the drive-thru because she had been with me all day at the ER and was gonna get food to take home. I was sitting there with my bad headache and felt my arm go up in the air and I thought that I was having a stroke and said so and then I had a seizure. Tami called 911 and an ambulance crew had to deal with a 296 lb short woman who was confused and combative and totally out of it! It took 5 of them to deal with me and one man had to sit on me to keep me contained. I am still covered with bruises from the trip. I went for an MRI the next day or so and the 2 man crew from EMS took me to MRI and we had a good time laughing about them dealing with me. They were very nice! The result of all of the tests is that they don’t know why I had a seizure and 3/4 of the doctors seem skeptical that I even had a seizure. I think they think I am a whacko. Maybe I am but I haven’t felt good since with a dull headache and continued numbness and vision problems intermittently. I see my reg. doctor for a follow-up in the morning. I hope to get a referral to a neurologist and an ophthalmologist, too. I know I am selfish to want to feel better with others out there with terrible illnesses and the poor little boy that fractured his throat from a fall from a bunk bed and others with cancer and others who can’t walk or can’t see but I am so tired of feeling bad. I try every day to move around and go about my day but it is hard most days. I am not writing this to say that I am giving up. I am writing this to keep going and say to myself to trust God and believe that He is healing me every day. I know it’s true it’s just that I am an impatient and imperfect person struggling to live each day the best that I can and some days it is a poor performance. I love all of my friends on the social media and y’all help me all day long with the encouraging posts. I wish everyone well today! And thank you again to my faithful friend Tami who always helps me and keeps me going! She is a rock and a source of strength for me and many others. She has a gift from God to make me feel better and I love her. Next entry will be funny. Bye for now.