Not Quick on the Uptake. (or Intake!)

blue jay
I recently switched bird seed to one with no shells. The color is beige, no more black sunflower seeds. All nut meats! With a few peanuts and other grains and a few raisins or currants mixed in. I thought that the sparrows could sit there and not rake as much and I wouldn’t have as messy a porch. The first day I only had one visitor. A blue jay who was delighted. No sparrows…they all sat in the tree or fed off of the old seeds on the ground. The next day I had blue jays and nuthatches. They loved those seeds! I thought that maybe the color is so different that the sparrows think that the feeder is empty.  Wrong!  It has been several days now and the sparrows are figuring out that this seed is better!  They are adapting now.  Just like me…resistant to change, sticking with the old ways, refusing to try new methods.   Sometimes I am slow on the uptake.  I don’t get a joke right away sometimes.  I usually will turn the wrong way if I am in new terrain.  But, the more I trust in God, the better my compass.  I wandered around North Little Rock looking for a Radio Shack using the GPS and couldn’t figure out the directions and so I pulled into the closest parking lot and something inside said to look to the right and there it was!  That was God.  The King of the coincidence!  And I am thankful!  As are the little growing flock of sparrows at the feeder.  As a side note, several of my church family are having serious health problems, especially Wes Wilson so please pray for healing and that he can find the right treatment and doctors.  Another one may have cancer and a few have heart problems.  I pray for healing now!  Please bless each other by being a nice person today.  It takes no more time to say something politely rather than a harsh request or response.  And I am the Queen of Sharps sometimes!  Try and have a positive life, y’all, we are so blessed to be here when so many in Syria are fleeing for their lives!  May God help them as well!  Peace.


Love the Sparrow.

house sparrow
1. I am not in charge.
2. Most annoyances and aggravations I create myself.
I have a bird feeder with sunflower seeds on my porch here in Emerson, Arkansas. It is a source of joy and I never get bored with watching my friends. Lately a large number of house sparrows have been visiting and raking out the seeds so that by the end of the day it needs refilling. I have been annoyed and ticked off by the sparrows. This morning I have decided to have a different attitude about their behavior. I think of my behavior and know for certain the most days I do things that are wasteful or hurtful or idiotic and just keep right on doing them every day with no obvious consequence. Watching the sparrows “waste” seeds got me to thinking that the seeds aren’t being wasted, instead the birds eat the seeds on the porch or the ground and adapt and are just thankful to have food that is easily accessible. Squirrels and other birds don’t mind eating the dropped seeds. I applied what I could to myself, a lesson to learn, a reason to think about how many times I squander the gifts that I have been given by God, but yet He does not lose his temper or become frustrated with me or give up on me. The only one who gives up is me! What a spoiled brat I am. I am not preaching here, only reinforcing what I have been striving for lately…to have an attitude of acceptance, to let things be and give up my tenuous reins on the orchestration of my life. From now on I will embrace the sparrow, he has his reasons for raking seeds and just because I don’t understand it does not mean that I need to criticize him. If I can live my life as a destructive force at times then why should the behavior of a little bird bother me. I am not worthy to judge. Besides, they are comical and fun to watch when I look at it this way! Have a blessed day, y’all, and laugh about something and smile for no reason at a stranger. Some days that stranger is you.