A blog for Nugene.

fish magicWell, here is one of my favorite paintings by Paul Klee.  A Swiss genius who really inspired me way back in the 70s.  This is called “Fish Magic” and I first saw it in our Childcraft Encyclopedias back when I was 5 or 6.  I get lost in it, it is a treasure.  This leads to my recent debacle with the antidepressant “Cymbalta” which is poison to me.  This I found out the hard way…and increasing it showed me how right I was to stop taking it.  I had become someone else.  NO benefit!  I have been off of it now since New Years Eve day.  I have had some withdrawals that I have tolerated with the help of my friends and my Mom.  It has been 9 days.  I am getting my silly self back.  Enough so that I have been creating things again, 2 pieces so far and will have another done by Monday.  I will do a little fish picture like Klee, too.  Gotta get me some thicker paint in tubes for that.  What has Nugene done that has caused me to get better?  She is a constant, as is Tami.  They are both a big part of my mental health, we will be plotting something for the future later today but I just want to say thank you to both of them and to Momma for helping me get through this, also a word of thanks to Jim for being there, too.  Because of my friends, I will make it.

On another note, I purposely watched the movie “Species” last night just because it is so bad and the dialogue is ridiculous and it is the worst casting ever!  I laughed out loud.  Then I watched the end and it occurred to me that I have never watched the ending of it…what a turd. It was funny though.  Lots of goo and monster parts.  Michael Madsen with his downward glance for 2 hrs.  Forest Whitaker with his squint and incredible empathetic self to annoy.  Board straight Ben Kingsley stating the obvious throuout the movie…Alfred Molina with a unibrow and lastly Marg Hemingway as a biologist with a bad hairdo.  It’s a festival of badness.

On my agenda for today is a football game.  The Texans.  I am afraid to see which head of the quarterback monster will be playing.  I will be cringing along with Nugene in a little bit.  I will be posting my artwork on Facebook later.  Hint, they are for sale…!  Today I started a savings account with 75.00.  I feel pretty good.  I am thankful to God for my new life.  I am moving up and out!  Peace.




2 thoughts on “A blog for Nugene.

  1. Nancy, I loved your blog. I am so happy for you for feeling better. Waiting for your next painting.

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  2. How wonderful to have those rock solid people in your life…..And how wonderful you are getting your silly self back……..hang in there….the best is yet to be……<3


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