A pink envelope makes me happy, especially when I know that God put it there for me.  I just finished a card for someone and reached into my desk drawer and pulled out a pretty pink envelope and thought, gee, this matches.  It’s been in there for a long while.  I find that if I notice things like this I can associate these coincedences with God, meaning I buy or procure things that have a way of fitting into my life sometimes years down the road that were just waiting for that right moment to be used, to be just the right thing at the time and then I think, “God put that there for me…”  If you look and listen you will notice, too.

Going to Trinity to Momma’s house for the Yellow Rose Conference.  It is a gathering of AA members for meetings and speakers and fun and always makes my life better. And I get to see old and good friends and have a good time!  I am happy about this.  I can’t help but think about all of the sick friends out there and the families who are worried and grieving about things that are going on and I send prayers to God for healing and comfort for all of them.

I feel happy.  I feel happy.  Everyone have a blessed and joyful next few days!  Peace.pinky chi


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