I am a chest of drawers.


I cleaned out my dresser.  Sounds unimportant.  It is not.  You would have to know me but I don’t think I have cleaned it out since around 1990 or so.  Except for when I moved. I found 8 pillowcases, some matching.  And 10 pair of underwear, plus 2 that are of a weird fabric and tight.  I found a shirt that I was looking for.  And 5 sheets. And 8 bars of assorted soap.  Next I will see if any of the pillowcases match the sheets.  This reminded me of my hodge podge of a life and the way that I take in information,  cram it in with no organization, hide away secrets and will sometimes open myself up to anyone and tell all.  I like it.

The significance of this task is that I am finally getting some things done around here. I still have pain.  I spent the last half of yesterday in bed whining about my pain.  I feel better today, no whining yet.  And the realization that I take small steps in my life and my pace has nothing to do with the next guy.  I cannot keep up with most of you. That’s ok.  I look at the big picture.  Have I had any fun today?  Have I smiled?  Have I said something nice to someone?  Yes.  It is a good day.

Will continue painting if my leg pain doesn’t get me.  I like what Louise Nipper told me the other day.  She said that I struggle with my life but I come up smiling every time. She thinks I’m strong.  And today I guess I am.  Peace.


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